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Hualien City Office at a Glance

City Office Today

  • 人文館The city has been governed by 15 elected mayors, and Chih-hsuan Tien is the present mayor of Hualien City.
  • Upholding the TQM and government corporatization policies of the government, the Hualien City Office will serve citizens through friendlier management and sincere, quick and convenient services:

Department of Civil and Hakka Affairs

  1. Civil Affairs, Autonomy Affairs, Land Administration, Mediation, Election Affairs.
  2. Religious Protocol, Education and Culture, Sports, Hakka Culture
  3. Public Works, Representation, Proposal on Budget for Representative Works, Basic Level Works Budgeting
  4. Conscription Administration
  5. Naming and Renaming of Roads, Door Number Tagging, Organization
  6. Civil Defense, Patrolling.

Department of Finance

  1. 花蓮鐵道文化園區Financial Management
    Strengthen financial management, make fund appropriation flexible, effective use of all financial resources, annual budgeting, and balancing of budget.
    Assist in the collection of taxes and settlement of outstanding taxes, adjust non-tax incomes for additional sources of incomes and funding of construction.
  2. Treasury
    Centralize treasury control and tighten budget control, make appropriation of funds convenient through issuance of treasury checks, computerized operations for automation to speed up the transactions of funds, disbursement of salaries to civil servants, withholding of premiums for civil service and national health insurance and income tax.
  3. Management of public assets
    Maintain proper registration of properties and strengthen the management of city-owned assets.
    Assist the county in collecting non-public use rent and fees and settling outstanding accounts.
    Pay taxes on non-public use rent in accordance with the tax advice issued by taxation authorities to taxation center before the payment deadline.

Department of Construction

  1. Issue completion certificates on structures for urban planning (architecture management), land use certificates, proof of no damage to public facilities certificates, farm ownership certificates, certificates of temporary connection to water and power supply to structures, permits for driving trucks over 15 tons and towed trucks, land expropriation, road lighting and maintenance, road management, sewage system, public buildings, public works construction design, outsourcing, supervision of works, inspection for acceptance, road signs in urban area, route signs, road mirrors, inspection of illegal structures, review the application for road digging, road administration and outsourcing of works, and inspection for acceptance of works.

Department of Agricultural and Tourism Development

  1. 慶修院Farmland for farming certificate, fishery and related operation, social services, substitute service.
  2. Diversified use of rice plantation zones (during off season), agricultural intelligence, nationwide effort in plantation, application for subsidy for relief of natural disasters.
  3. Road-side trees maintenance, certificates for using agricultural machinery and issuance (renewal) of tax-free oil consumption, application for transplant and repair of trees.
  4. Employment supervision and related business, management of street vendors in the north and south coastal zones, mud slides.
  5. Tourism, sister-city formation, old railways, industrial and commercial management.

Department of Social and Labor Affairs

  1. Assistance for low to medium-low income classes
  2. 蓮城蓮花園Welfare for the mentally and physically impaired (handbook verification), (parking ID card)
  3. Fifth and Sixth Categories of National Health Insurance Program
  4. Subsidy for bus (train) fares for senior citizens and disabled.
  5. Business related to senior citizens of age 65 or older.
  6. Support for disadvantaged families
  7. Emergency Rescue (immediate concern)
  8. Subsidize social groups and citations of filial piety
  9. Rescue and Recovery of Disasters
  10. 環保公園Support children and youth (disadvantaged)
  11. Labor Affairs
  12. Community concerns
  13. Department of Indigenous Affairs

Education and Culture

  1. Awards for special skills among indigenous peoples

Health and Welfare

  1. Assist indigenous peoples in emergencies
  2. Offer awards for indigenous peoples in participation in accreditation of technical skills examination.
  3. Subsidize community groups of indigenous peoples
  4. 松園別館Employment service and placement hotline for indigenous peoples (toll free) 0800-066-955

Economic Building

  1. Composite development fund for financing indigenous peoples.
  2. Financing small-size businesses of indigenous peoples.
  3. Subsidize medium to low income groups of indigenous peoples in building and repairing of housing.

Land Management

  1. Registration of land reserved for indigenous peoples.
  2. 花蓮縣石雕博物館Registration of plantation land titles for indigenous peoples.
  3. Registration of superficies of indigenous peoples.
  4. Registration of assignment of ownership.
  5. The free use of land by indigenous peoples for construction for religious purposes.

Administration Office

  1. Receiving and sending documents, confirmation of seals, file management.
  2. Service desk, telephone switchboard, simple repair of office facilities, cleaning and maintenance
  3. 靜思堂Study and evaluation, information
  4. Purchase of properties and services, maintenance of the internal monitoring system.
  5. Office area management, use of facilities, property management, miscellaneous affairs, management of temporary staff, review and approve agreements on general supply and ordering, storage management
  6. National indemnity, legal affairs


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