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About the Mayor

MAYOR Chia-Yen Wei

Hualien is located between the blue Pacific and the towering Central Mountain Range. With settlers coming in different times, Hualien became a melting pot of different ethnic groups with multiple cultures.

In such a multicultural setting, a new way of living is shaped and different administration visions are depicted:

  1. To build Hualien City into a creative and energetic city based on continuous urban policies through resource integration and sharing.
  2. To empower characteristic districts based on the boundary of Greater Hualien City: Eastern District—Meilun Art and Cultural Centre; Western District—Guofu and Cixiu Recreational and Regimen Centre; Southern District—Gouziwei Old Street; and Northern District—Ocean Capital and international tourism city.
  3. To build a jogging trail for people and thematic business areas with local culture and art in order to make Hualien City a place of fun.
  4. To shape Hualien City into a LOHAS city with a waterfront “blue belt” and spatial “green belt”; and to construct a safe city by planning urban disaster prevention and evacuation paths through the integration of public resources.
  5. To respect multiple cultures, help community industries prosper, and promote the culture and creative industries by integrating urban tourism marketing.
  6. To enforce social welfare and to promote healthcare and welfare in Hualien by integrating support from social charity groups.
  7. To promote a light-contamination-free city and to encourage the use of 0-impact transportation with the reduction eco-concept in order to create an environment with reduced carbon emissions.
  8. To promote an ocean city exchange and the oceanic advantages of Hualien City and to enhance connections with the world to increase global awareness of Hualien and thereby create more business opportunities.

We have dreams. In addition to making all efforts to realize them, we should witness the bright future of this land, where we can settle down and get on with our pursuits.

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