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花蓮現在の状況【Sister Cities of Hualien City】

Since 2004, Hualien City has established sister cityrelationships with Ulsan Metropolitan City of South Korea, Yonaguni Town ofOkinawa (1982), Albuquerque City of New Mexico State in the US (1983), BellevueCity of Washington State in the US (1984) and Oudtshoorn Municipality ofWestern Cape Province in the Republic of South Africa (1985). Over the years,frequent exchange visits have taken place, and we continue to maintainrelations of friendship and goodwill. In this troubled and unsettledinternational community, friendships like these are precious.


【Ulsan City, Korea】

韓国ウルサン市からの贈呈記念品Korea"s Ulsan city was Hualien"s first sister city. Known as the “Lingnan Alps”, it"s located by mountains and facing the sea, with a gorgeously varied scenery. Rock carvings and architectural monuments date back to the bronze age, and there is a strong sense of history dating back thousands of years everywhere; it has become a treasure trove of cultural and historical relics.
Ulsan is a vibrant city, brimming full of life. Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Motor Company and petrochemical industries form the central nervous system of Ulsan industrial city. Ulsan Metropolitan City is the major industrial city leading the soaring Korean economy. It has the world"s largest shipyards, as well as world-scale automotive and chemical industries; and is the main artery of the Korean economy. Additionally, Ulsan is also the cradle of South Korean football, and has a training ground exclusively used by the national team, where a large number of professional football players and football clubs often come together for training.
Population: 1,087,958
Area: 1,056.4 km2 
Average annual rainfall: 1272mm.
Average annual temperature: 14.3C

【Yonaguni Town, Okinawa 】

Yonaguni Island is located at the far western end of the Japanese archipelago, and the island measures approximately 4 km from north to south, with an east to west length of about 12 km. 2,030 kilometers away from Tokyo, but only 111 kilometers from Taiwan, it is the closest sister city to Hualien, and official visits between the two cities are frequent. Yonaguni Island is bounded on all sides by steep cliffs, the terrain is very rugged with rich underground resources, and the island is a site often visited by geologists for research. The island"s beautiful scenery, blue sky, colorful coral, and the embrace of the sparking sea allow Yonaguni to display its unique subtropical scenery, attracting large numbers of visitors for sightseeing. The large numbers of fish brought by the Kuroshio are not only an important economic resource for the islanders but also make it the best location for fishing tourists. 

【Bellevue City, United States 】

Bellevue City is located tothe east of Lake Washington, across from Seattle in Washington State. In thepast it was mainly a site of agricultural development, and at one time was animportant distribution center for blueberries. After World War II, it rapidlydeveloped to become a satellite city of Seattle. Skyscrapers have sprung up allaround the city over the last two decades, gradually transforming it into amodern, economically prosperous city. It is now the commercial center of theeast coast of Lake Washington, with most activity in the aerospace,electronics, biomedical and other high-tech industries. It features a pleasantclimate, and is known for its environment of comfortable and elegant living.
【AlbuquerqueCity, United States 】

Albuquerque City is locatedin New Mexico of the United States. It is a desert city with more than threehundred years of history, and a population of approximately 600,000. Route 66,which links Chicago with Los Angeles runs right through the city, becoming amajor tourist and transport route; There are over 300 days of sunshine and fineweather a year, and it"s a plentiful producer of various different kinds ofpeppers. Convenient city living is coupled with a rustic style, Indian cultureand cowboy style, allowing Albuquerque to reveal a diverse blend of traditionaland modern styles. In addition, the city is also New Mexico"s technology hub,and is known across the United States for sport hot air ballooning.

【OudtshoornMunicipality, South Africa 】
南アフリカ共和国 オウツフルンのウェブサイト  
Oudtshoorn Municipality isa small mountain town located 500 kilometers to the east of South Africa"s CapeTown. With a population of about 50,000 people, it has very abundant naturalresources, spectacular mountains and waterfalls, and world-famous stalactitecaves. It"s also a paradise for wildlife, whose most significant features areconservation of the African cheetah and crocodiles. Apart from this, OudtshoornMunicipality is also known for ostrich farming, with more than four hundredbreeding farms in town, and the development of a richly diverse tourism marketand related products has now also become an important commercial industry forOudtshoorn.

【FriendshipCities of Hualien City】
Beginning in 2005, HualienCity further formed alliances with, respectively, Japan, and Saipan City (2007)as friendship cities. Hualien City Office hopes through mutual visits andvarious exchange activities between sister cities and friendship cities to beable to broaden the multicultural horizons of Hualien citizens, and thus turnHualien into a forward-looking city of international tourism.

【TakachihoTown, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan】
日本宮崎県高千穗町訪問団率いる黑木睦郎町長は、花蓮市を訪れ、姉妹都市締結を取り交わしましたTakachiho Town is locatedin the northwest of Japan"s Miyazaki Prefecture, close to the heart of themountains of Kyushu. The Gokase River passes through the town center, whichlies adjacent to Oita and Kumamoto prefectures. The town has an area of 237.32square kilometers, and a population of 15,303. It"s currently activelydeveloping its tourism industry, and the annual number of visitors to the townis about 1.2 million. Takachiho"s biggest tourist attractions are the TakachihoGorge and the Amanoiwato-jinja Shinto shrine. Takachiho Gorge was formed byerosion of lava rock caused by the Gokase River which has cut a V-shaped canyoninto it, with reddish precipice on both sides of the bank. Most noteworthy isthe Manai Waterfall flying down from 17 meters above with white foams. There isa nature trail about 600 meters in length, and the cliffs of the gorge aredecorated with cherry blossoms, azaleas, and wisteria from spring to summer,and covered with maple in the autumn; there are different displays of nature"scolors for all four seasons of the year.


In November 1934, Takachiho Gorge wasdesignated the “Gokase River Gorge Scenic Natural Monument” by Japan"s 經文部Ministerand in July 1965 it was also included in the Sobo-Katamuki Quasi-National Park.
   As for the Amanoiwato-jinja Shintoshrine, this is a shrine to Amaterasu (the Japanese emperor"s ancestor, female sungod of Japan). Behind the shrine, on the opposite side of the river and mid-wayupthe hill is a large rock grotto, and accordingto legend, Amaterasu once hid here.

【SaipanCity, Saipan Island】


Saipan is located betweenthe Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea, 2,700 kilometers southeast of Taiwan.The island is approximately 21 kilometers long and 10 wide, and is the capitalof the North Mariana Islands Federation and is its political and economiccenter. Local time is two hours ahead of Taiwan, and it"s like summer all yearround, without much temperature difference, the average temperature beingaround 28 °C.With little temperature difference, a pleasant climate, broad sandy beaches, abeautiful coast and blue coral reefs, Saipan has become a bright pearl of thewestern Pacific, famous as a holiday resort which attracts more than 1.5million tourists annually. The tourism industry has been developed for over twodecades, and various internationally renowned five-star hotel chains, includingthe Hilton, Hyatt and Nikko, have their establishments here.
Saipanis 2,700 kilometers southeast of Taiwan, and is the largest island in the NorthMarianas archipelago. To its east is the Pacific Ocean, to the west thePhilippine Sea, and the nearest neighbors are the islands of Guam and Tinian.
Saipanis full of pristine beauty and serenity, like a shining pearl set in the blueof the Pacific Ocean. The island"s natural, untouched beauty and scenery leavea lingering memory.


The autonomous governmentof the Northern Mariana Islands was established in 1978 with national defenseand diplomatic assistance provided by the United States, immigration policy andlabor issues handled autonomously by the Northern Mariana government, and receivingannual funding from the U.S. federal government. The Marianas have adopted theUS government"s executive, legislative and judicial powers system.
Saipanis a beautiful vacation paradise, and is the federal capital of the NorthernMariana Islands. Its economy is mainly driven by three sources: the first istravel and tourism, the second is the garment industry, and the rest still relieson American aid.
Theisland has more than forty species of beautiful birds, endemic tropical plants andanimals, beautiful tropical fish and sea turtles. It also has a world classgolf course, where visitors can enjoy teeing off in the midst of nature.
Devotees of historical travel can admire the architectureof the Spanish era, and the remaining ruins of the Pacific War. The uniquefeatures of Saipan leave an indelible memory.

ホームステイや其の他文化交流活動を強化することで、合意に至りましたNorthern Mariana IslandsFederation mayor, Hon. Juan Borja Tudela, with ten-person delegation visitingHualien on a four-day visit. Hualien Mayor Tsai Chi-ta and City Officeofficials received the delegation at the airport.

With Hualien Cityrepresentative committee chairman, Huang Chi-cheng, acting as witness, HualienMayor Tsai Chi-ta and Saipan mayor, Hon. Juan Borja Tudela, formally signed the“friendly cities” agreement, in which the two sides resolved to enhancecultural exchanges, including exchange students, host families and otheractivities.



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